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Hello! I am an architectural and interior photographer. I have been shooting architecture since 2015. My clients are architects, designers, developers and publishers. Immersion in the human environment fascinated me the most. Occasionally I shoot portraits and personal series, so they are also on the site.
Maxim Loskutov
It's me
Production steps
You need photos of your property or project
Contact me and tell me about your project. It's best to plan your shoot at least two weeks in advance.
Estimate calculation
Based on the task and scope of work, we will agree on the timing and cost of shooting.
Before shooting, I will study the object live if there is such an opportunity. This will help me more accurately plan the time and angles for shooting.
I will shoot your subject according to the agreed timing. You will ensure the preparation of the location for shooting and access to it.
Selection of photographs
You choose the photos you like or entrust it to me.
I will process the selected photos and send it to you via cloud link.